Ri & Ry

"Justin (aka 15 Mill) has grown a lot in the past few years! He has always had a passion for music. It’s very encouraging to listen to some of the tracks we created in college and compare them to the songs he’s releasing now… night and day!!

He is a great friend and he wants to help however he can. His creativity is second to none and his determination shows in his high-quality and professional sounding mixes. Justin is proof that home recording can and should be taken seriously!" - Ri and Ry, 2017

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Reisto Belovich

"Justin (aka 15 Mill) is a fantastic individual to work with. His knowledge is not only up to standard, but he never ceases to learn more and share his knowledge with anyone who will listen.

Beyond that, his attitude and enthusiasm truly shows how invested he is in each and every project he takes on. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to bring their music to the next level." - Reisto Belovich, 2017

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Jonathan - J47

Hey what's up! My name is Jonathan and I'm a local artist here in Phoenix, AZ. 

Working with 15 Mill has been a great opportunity. Learning how to transaction beats & track outs for mixing/mastering has given me a real feel of how the music industry works. Also in my audio engineering class taught by 15 Mill via Young Artist Society, I get to have hands on experience with beat making software, further advancing my production skills. I look forward to working with 15 Mill in the future. So be expecting more vibes from us!

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Updated September 11th, 2018