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Mission & Vision


This is 15Mill Music™. If you don't already know me and what I do, I am a mixing engineer and musician that has a heart to positively influence youth through music, education & coaching. 

My biggest hope in life is to help young artists to harness creativity to positively infect the culture in which they live and learn how they can "easily" create a sustainable future with a few resources available to them. I am building a production team of likeminded people with the heart of service, to offer their skills and expertise to youth and other up coming artists. More importantly than succeeding in music myself is using this to help others succeed through resources, consultation, but most importantly friendship.

Music just happens to be an area where I am comfortable and able to offer value to others; however, life is an everlasting pilgrimage in which learning and open mindedness are essential. Consider joining me on this pilgrimage and inviting others you know along for the ride.


At-Risk Youth focused Music Production / Life Coaching Classes
- Providing ongoing Life Coaching for youth
- Providing empowering Home Music Production/Editing/Engineering Classes
- Providing resources regarding Marketing, Gigs, Mixing, Networking, etc.
- Providing latest technology to each Student to perform optimal quality in projects

Producing Youtube Series
- Motivational Videos: Others Giving Advice to Youth based on personal Life Experience

Let There Be Light - "InReach" project
- Recruiting Artists to Perform/Record my Original song

Photography and Local Phoenix, Arizona art

15Mill Music™ Vlog:

Inviting you to see a glimpse of what it's like to be a Home Studio Producer, Sound Engineer, Recording Artist, family man, and provider.


I did not get to where I'm at today by myself; I had help along the way. I intend to be part of the solution to show youth that they can break the statistics and live better than they've ever dreamed. I desire to teach them how to make a career doing what they love and use their experiences to create stories of redemption that will leave a legacy for centuries to come. They're just kids right now who need love, grace and support. A little now will go a long way for the future. 

One of the reasons I am passionate about making music with an edifying message, rhyme videos, cultural photography, and life coaching for youth is because of my Life Story and personal experiences. I did not grow up in the perfect family, my childhood passed my memory like a blur, negativity was comfort, and pain was better than feeling numb. 

My perspective and passion for what I love has changed and grown over the years; I know I'm not the only one who has gone through this...That is why I desire to get your support in order to influence youths lives for the better. Below is more info about today's statistics. Those on this list are not statistics, these are PEOPLE. This is the future of our WORLD:

Out of 15 Million Youth Living in Poverty:

Thousands to Millions

  • 15 million youth in the U.S. alone live under the Federal Poverty Level

    • more likely to have social, emotional, behavioral, health, and mental health problems

    • many experience trauma from the effects of their environment

    • high chance of becoming what society considers juvenile delinquent

    • may turn to alternative methods of entrepreneurship by reacting negatively to make ends meet - i.e. joining gangs, selling drugs, shop lifting, etc.

    • Between 22% - 42% each year are under the age of 5

Cite: National Center for Children in Poverty

  • 1 in 4 Youth will drop out of high school

Cite: AZ Central

  • Out of 439 students Young Artist Society (YAS) had enrolled in their program, 99% have graduated or are still enrolled in school

    • My friends & I over at YAS are helping to decrease high school dropout rates, so go check them out:

Cite: Young Artist Society

  • 1.68 million youth in the U.S. alone each year are homeless

    • There are many factors contributing to this, ie. Family dysfunction, Sexual Abuse, aging out of Foster Care, etc.

Cite: The National Network for Youth

  • 1.2 million children alone are being trafficked every year

Cite: Allison Chawla

  • The "majority of runaway, homeless, abused, and at-risk children are approached by pimps and drug dealers within 48 hours of landing on the streets"

    • "Sixty percent of children exploited in prostitution are first recruited by peers"

Cite: OSPI

  • 670,000 kids lived in foster care in the U.S. in 2015

    • Average age is 8

    • 15% live in institutions or group homes, no family-home interaction

    • 28,000 aged out (18-21) & are homeless or in prison

      • My friends at Ascend Phoenix are helping these transitional youth, so go check them out.

Cites: The National Network for Youth

Children's Rights

Adopt US Kids

Cite: Kids Count Data Center

  • 78% of youth that have been detained, however, will be transferred to Adult Criminal Court

Cite: U.S. Department of Justice

"Much of today's music influences youth into believing that domestic violence, sexual immorality, criminal activity, etc. is acceptable and cool..."

The Story


Where it all began...

I've been passionate about music since I was born. I've experienced a lot of hardship, but music was the one thing that kept me sane and alive. I haven't always been able to dedicate every waking minute to creating and producing music as my heart desires; unfortunately life isn't easy and no lunch is free. But supporters make it possible for people like me to make a living as we dedicate our lives to producing quality art and in this case, changing young people's lives. Feel free to check out my music and videos here on the website.

Join Me

 If you like what I do, considering donating. It's totally up to you, so make sure you give within your budget. In no way do I want you to feel obligated; we all have expenses. If you feel moved to give, I appreciate every ounce of support and will provide you with exclusive access to projects and more. Hope you have a great week and remember your voice matters. Love you guys. 


"Big things are bound to happen; you are going to want to be apart of this..."

Last Updated: October 2017

Updated September 11th, 2018